Full Of Crab, Cajun-style Seafood in the East


Full of Crab's sign

Located opposite Holy Family Church in Katong, I've passed Full of Crab and many other dining places in the area lots of times on my way home but hardly dropped in as the parking situation is usually pretty bad in the area.

The interior at Full of Crab The Interior at Full of Crab

Last month, I was invited to try the Cajun-style seafood at Full of Crab. It was raining cats and dogs earlier that evening so it was nice to dive into a cosy family-owned restaurant that resembled a fishing wharf. A strictly-no-utensils dining joint, this seemed to be a popular place for families as they can sit down for some quality bonding over seafood without distractions from digital devices.

Fish & Chips at Full of Crab. Served with Veggie Dip Fish & Chips @ S$14.90 with Cajun Fries & Choice of Dip

Our meal started with some Fish and Chips. This dish didn't look like much but was absolutely delectable! The tender and juicy breaded fish broke into small pieces easily when pried apart with our fingers. The slightly-less-than-crisp Cajun Fries were fluffy on the inside and were so tasty that it was completely addictive. Unfortunately, we didn't like the special Veggie Dip that was served with the dish nor did we like the spicy Tsunami Dip. It didn't matter to us as the dish was tasty enough on its own and tasted even better with just a little lemon juice spritzed over the fish. The Fish & Chips here are reasonably priced at $14.90 a portion and are a Must-Try!

Captain's Choice at Full of Crab Captain's Choice @ $98 (Market Price varies) Sri Lanka Crab (1 kg) & Shrimps (500g) with choice of Corn or Baby Potatoes

Each seafood combo at Full of Crab is good for up to two diners. Prices for each combo varies according to the seasonal market price for the ingredients. We had the Captain's Choice with an additional portion of Baby Potatoes at $1 for 4 pieces. There are three sauces to choose from: Cajun, Garlic Butter and Fully Loaded (House Special). The most popular sauce at Full of Crab is apparently the Fully Loaded Sauce which consists of a mix of their Cajun Sauce and Garlic Butter Sauce. Depending on your tolerance for heat, you can opt between Mild, Medium and Hot for your Cajun Sauce. We chose the Medium Cajun Sauce in our Fully Loaded mix. I loved the sauce and wished we had a spoon to scoop the sauce up with! If dipping bread into the sauce is your thing, you can order a side of Baguette for $3. We were pretty happy with the carbohydrates that we had on the table so we skipped the Baguette and dipped peeled prawns and crab into the spicy and tasty sauce. A word of caution though, the crab shells aren't cracked sufficiently so you'd have to work a meat tenderizer as you bash the heck out of the tough-as-nails Sri Lankan Crab shell to get to the succulent flesh within. Having had a stressful week, I thought bashing the shell helped me work some of the stress off. Poor M got pelted with some of my flying crab shells. This is worth a try if you're in the mood for seafood.

The price list in March 2015 at Full of Crab Full of Crab's Price List in March 2015


Having visited a few restaurants with a similar concept, I thought the variety in Full of Crab's Captain's Choice bag seemed a tad limited. The folks told us that we could add on other items like Manila Clams which they're happy to do so by weight. Just check with the friendly staff for options so you can customize your bag of seafood. I am going to up the spice factor to Hot and hope they offer sausages too when I next visit!

Cute sign at Full of Crab
The staff here are friendly and warm. Coupled with quirky decorative accents, this is an interesting place to chill at as you keep a lookout for interesting signs such as this in the restaurant. Apparently, the owners had picked up some of the items in flea markets across the US. I took a shot of this sign because I thought it's a cute sign that should be displayed in most dining places in Singapore. Having worked as a part-time waitress while I was studying and being a keen observer of how people interact with service crew, I sometimes think that some people treat service staff badly. There should be an additional fee for having to put up with nasty diners and the money should be placed into a tip box that will be distributed to all the service crew at the end of the month.
PS: Thank you, Eldric from Full of Crab, for the kind hospitality. 

Full of Crab 195 East Coast Road Singapore 428900 Phone: +65 6348 8195 / 9725 2195 Email: enquiry@fullofcrab.com Instagram: @fullofcrabfoc #fullofcrab Check the Facebook page for promos: www.facebook.com/FullOfCrab

Operating Hours: 
Mon - Thurs: 4pm - 10pm
Fri: 4pm - 10.30pm
Sat & Sun: 11.30pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Tuesday.