Delectable Roast Duck @ Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts


I've been craving the Roast Duck at Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts since Kai (Maureen's fiance) suggested that we check it out after a disappointing brunch at a cafe in Siglap. The great thing about hanging out with a bunch of food bloggers is how we're united by our common love for good food. It's been a while since we caught up and it was the last few weeks before Chloe and Jacob welcomed a new member of the family. I guess you could say it was the happy occasion or simply because Derrick was really enthusiastic about ordering but we wound up with a table full of food even though we just had brunch!

Roast Duck at Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts

I loved the crisp, browned skin of the Roast Duck and the luscious meat! The skin was fragrant and flavourful from the spices that had been used to marinate the duck. With a thin layer of fat beneath the skin that protected the tender flesh from drying out while the duck was being roasted in the charcoal oven, this dish was a lovely marriage of textures. The Roast Duck here is a Must-Try!

Roast Pork Belly & Char Siew from Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts

I wasn't crazy about the Char Siew as it was sweet and I'm not a fan of sweet food. The Roasted Pork Belly had a crunchy and crisp skin, moist flesh and just the right amount of fat. I think the amount of fat that is acceptable in Roasted Pork Belly (aka Sio Bak) is very much dependent on each individual's treshold for fat consumption. The Roasted Pork Belly is also a Must-Try but give the Char Siew a miss.

Noodles tossed in sauce at Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts

Even though we were still pretty full from brunch, we had to order some noodles to try. The sauce was just a little on the sweet side but the springy noodles went well with the noodles. If you're a purist, I guess steamed rice will be your thing. All the better to soak up the jus from the savoury meat.

Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts Storefront at Jago Close Coffeeshop

Located at the corner coffeeshop at the intersection of Jago Close and East Coast Road, I used to spend many Sunday mornings here having breakfast before or after Mass. Since I got lazy and stopped going to church, I've barely stopped by this part of Katong for a meal. I guess it's the guilt from being so close to church but not going for Mass. Well, it's still pretty early in 2015, time to do something about being a COE Catholic.

Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts 228 East Coast Road (corner of Jago Close), Singapore 428925 Tel: 9721 0505 / 9155 6826

Operating Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 9 am - 8 pm (or while stocks last) Closed on Mondays