Unwind with Craft Cocktails & Tasty Tapas at Anti:dote


Anti:dote is a modern and stylish cocktail bar on the first floor of Fairmont Singapore. I was invited to check out their recently revamped Tapas and Cocktail menu. I haven't been back to Anti:dote for a while and was worried that some of my favourite tapas items would have been replaced.

Kalamata Olive Spheres with Rosemary Breadcrumbs at Antidote Bar, Singapore Kalamata Olive Spheres with Rosemary Breadcrumbs @ $8

This snack had been prepared using a Modernist Cuisine (also known as Molecular Gastronomy) technique known as spherification. At first glance, the spheres looked like actual Kalamata Olives. Rounder than the real thing, the spheres were a lot softer. Pop into your mouth for an explosion of flavours as the thin gel membrane bursts open releasing Kalamata Olive juice. Topped with flavourful Rosemary-flavoured croutons and bathed in extra virgin olive oil that had been enlivened with fennel and orange zest, this is worth a try. Though I enjoyed the intensity of flavours, I preferred the texture of real Kalamata Olives.

Agua Fresca Cocktail at Antidote Bar, Singapore Agua Fresca Cocktail @ $23 Mezcal, Parsley, Sweet Turnip, Lime Juice & Suze Liqueur

The refreshing Agua Fresca cocktail was made with a smoky Mezcal (Mexican agave-based liquor), sweet Jicama (aka Mexican Turnip), tangy lime juice and bittersweet Suze Liqueur (made with bitter gentian root). I'm not a fan of bitters but the balance of flavours helped to temper the bitterness of the cocktail. A Must-Try on a warm evening!

Braised Eel Croquettes with Teriyaki Sauce & Kimchi Mayo @ Antidote Bar, Singapore Braised Eel Croquettes with Teriyaki Sauce & Kimchi Mayo @ $14


I loved the piquant Kimchi Mayo as it helped to cut through the greasiness of the deep-fried croquettes. As I'm not a fan of eel, I wasn't hot about this dish.

Oyster with Warm Ginger Sauce, Red Curry & Celery Cress - Antidote Bar, Singapore Oysters @ $16 with Warm Ginger Sauce, Red Curry & Celery Cress


The Oysters were smothered with a slightly spicy warm Ginger Sauce that was enhanced with Thai Red Curry and Celery Cress. Even though I prefer my oyster au naturel, this is worth a try!

Monte Cocktail at Antidote Bar, Singapore Monte Cocktail @ $23 Cachaca, Fine Sherry, Homemade Falernum & Lime


My favourite cocktail of the evening. Made with sweet Sherry and Cachaça (a Brazilian liquor made from sugarcane juice), the cocktail is given a spicy touch with homemade Falernum (a syrup made with lime zest and cloves) and zesty lime juice. The Monte Cocktail is a Must-Try!

Crisp Parmesan Pizza at Antidote Bar, Singapore Crisp Parmesan Pizza @ $12 Tomato Flakes, Fresh Pesto, Olive Oil Caviar & Sweet Basil Cress


I was happy to see that this item on the Tapas menu even after the revamp! I love the paper-thin Parmesan crust that was topped with tomato flakes, tomato powder, blobs of fresh pesto, pearls of Olive Oil Caviar and Basil Cress. A lovely combination of textures and intense flavours, this is a Must-Try at Antidote.

Another of my favourite Tapas items at Anti:dote, I love watching the chef prep the Tomato Essence Shabu-Shabu at the table.

Paleta Iberica Joselito, Italian Burrata, Cristal Bread being dipped into the Tomato Essence Shabu-Shabu at Antidote Bar, Singapore Paleta Iberica Joselito, Italian Burrata, Cristal Bread @ $18 served with Tomato Essence Shabu-Shabu

The airily crisp Cristal Bread was topped with flavourful Paleta Iberica Joselito and creamy Italian Burrata Cheese. Dip a piece into the tomato essence Shabu-Shabu for a crunchy, juicy and savoury bite. Top on my list of favourite Tapas items at Anti:dote, the Paleta Iberica Joselito on Cristal Bread is a Must-Try at Anti:dote!

Tuna sashimi, salted cod brandade, sesame oil pearls at Antidote Bar, Singapore Tuna Sashimi @ $16 Salted Cod Brandade & Sesame Oil Pearls

This dish looked like a platter of Nigiri Sushi. In place of sweet sushi rice, was a creamy and savoury salted cod brandade. Topped with fragrant Sesame Oil Pearls, this was such an interesting flavour combination I found myself yearning for more. The Tuna Sashimi is a Must-Try!

Seger Seelbach Cocktail at Antidote Bar, Singapore Seger Seelbach @ $23 Bourbon, Hum, Peychaud Bitters, Angostura Bitters & Champagne


The Seger Seelbach cocktail is great for fans of bitters. As I'm not one of them, I found this combination too bitter for my taste. The sweet bourbon wasn't enough to mask the bitterness of the spicy Hum (a botanical spirit made with green cardamom, ginger, hibiscus and kaffir lime), Peychaud Bitters and Angostura Bitters.

Braised Beef Cannelloni, Spanish Onion, Black Truffle, Cepes Bechamel at Antidote Bar, Singapore Braised Beef Cannelloni @ $16 Spanish Onion, Black Truffle, Cepes Bechamel

The Braised Beef Cannelloni was made with wonton skin and beef flank that had been cooked sous vide for 72 hours. The braised beef was shredded and fried before it was topped with a rich Black Truffle and Cepes Bechamel Sauce. The final result was a rich and tasty lasagne-like comfort food.

Crispy Suckling Pig & Sherry Soaked Grapes at Antidote Bar, Singapore Crispy Suckling Pig @ $16 Cherry Miso Caramel & Sherry Soaked Grapes


This new dish has made it to the top on my list of favourite dishes at Anti:dote! The cubes of succulent pork were topped with a crunchy pork crackling. Served with a fruity Cherry Miso Caramel and Sweet Sherry-soaked Grapes, I couldn't get enough of it! After the tasting was over, a few of us stayed behind to chat so I ordered another plate on my own tab. The Crispy Suckling Pig at Anti:dote is absolutely a Must-Try!

Black Truffle Bao, Braised Veal Cheek, Foie Gras, Caramelised Shallots with Madeira @ Anti:dote Bar, Singapore Black Truffle Bao @ $20 Braised Veal Cheek, Foie Gras, Caramelised Shallots with Madeira


A popular item on the old menu, we were happy to see the Black Truffle Bao on the new menu. Encased within the pillowy black truffle-dusted bun was a tasty filling of tender braised veal cheek, foie gras, sweet caramelised shallots and robust Madeira. Although I enjoyed the flavourful bun it was a little too salty for my taste.

The Tragedy of Tom Dooley Cocktail at Antidote Bar, Singapore The Tragedy of Tom Dooley @ $23 Tequila, Aperol, Lime, Lavender Syrup & Egg White * tasting portion shown in photo


This cocktail was inspired by a North Carolina folk song based on a true story about the hanging of confederate soldier Tom Dooley for the murder of his fiance Laura Foster. The story goes that Tom was taking the fall for his jealous ex-lover, Laura's cousin. Just before he was executed, he declared that he didn't commit the murder but accepted responsibility for it. The bittersweet concoction was created by Head Craftsman Tom Hogan to reflect the tone of the tragic story. Just a little too sweet for my taste, this floral cocktail is worth a try.

Caramelised foie gras terrine, vinegar glazed leeks, crisp puff pastry at Antidote Bar, Singapore Caramelised Foie Gras Terrine @ $18 Vinegar Glazed Leeks, Crisp Puff Pastry 


One of my favourite tapas at Anti:dote, I was happy to see the Caramelised Foie Gras Terrine on the new menu. I ordered some after the tasting was over. I loved the smoky crust of the caramelised foie gras terrine and buttery puff pastry. This is also a Must-Try!

Spanish Octopus Skewers, Charcoal Grilled Eggplant, Crispy Paprika Rice, Confit Lemon Skin @ Anti:dote, Singapore Spanish Octopus Skewers @ $16 Charcoal Grilled Eggplant, Crispy Paprika Rice, Confit Lemon Skin

I was in a peckish mood so I ordered some Spanish Octopus Skewers after our tasting. The tender octopus slices were topped with smoky chargrilled eggplant and crisp paprika rice puffs. This is worth a try if you like Spanish-style octopus.

Artisanal Potato Chips with White Truffle & Potato Puree at Antidote Artisanal Potato Chips, White Truffle & Potato Puree @ $12

Head Chef Carlos Montobbio stopped by with a portion of potato chips when we were about to leave. I'd almost forgotten about this item from the old menu. The light and crisp potato chips went very well with the headily aromatic and earthy White Truffle and Potato Puree. A Must-Try!

Petitfours @ Antidote 2015 Petitfours @ $3 each Passion Fruit Marshmallow & Chorizo; Karukera Chocolate & Rum Truffle with Rum Caviar,  Framboise Lychee Macaron and Apple Delight with Calvados


I don't have a sweet tooth so the Marshmallow, Apple Delight and Macaron were too sweet for me.  A chocolate-lover, I enjoyed the rich Karukera Chocolate & Rum Truffle that was topped with Rum Caviar. The chocolate Petitfours is a Must-Try!

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