Going Spanish at UNA at One Rochester

I love the garden setting at UNA at One Rochester
Al Fresco Dining at UNA at One Rochester

Located at 1 Rochester Park, UNA is the latest incarnation of One Rochester - a watering hole that I used to patronize many years ago. Helming the kitchen at UNA at One Rochester is Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno, who used to head the kitchen at Bomba Paella Bar. I was very sad when Bomba Paella Bar closed but was thrilled to receive an email from Chef Jean-Philippe, who invited me to visit UNA. Paying homage to his multi-cultural heritage, Chef Jean-Philippe has devised a menu that features hearty home-style Spanish dishes.

Central Trellis at UNA at One Rochester
Central Trellis at UNA at One Rochester

I loved the clear ceiling that shielded the Central Trellis area from the rain whilst allowing diners to soak in the calming serenity of the lush greenery around us.

Cocktails to start the evening at UNA at One Rochester
2 of UNA at One Rochester's Signature Cocktails
Una Tomate: Vodka, Sherry, Roasted & Seasoned Mediterranean Tomatoes @ $19
Champs de Fraise: Strawberry Infused Cognac, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sparkling Wine @ $19

Whilst waiting for our food to be served, we nibbled on some bread and sipped cocktails. We were told that UNA's Specialty Cocktail menu was created by Proof & Co., which I thought sounded promising. The Una Tomate is UNA's version of a Blo0dy Mary. A vodka-forward concoction, I wished it had a little less vodka so I can enjoy the tangy flavour of the tomatoes better. I preferred the Champs de Fraise cocktail instead for it's fruitier and lighter flavours. The Champs de Fraise cocktail here is a Must-Try!

Grilled Octopus - UNA at One Rochester
Grilled Octopus @ S$22
Smoky tender grilled octopus on a bed of spicy romesco fondue

The Grilled Octopus was tender and had a lovely smoky flavour. Served with a spicy sauce made of red pepper and nuts, the combination helped to enhance the natural sweetness of the octopus. This is definitely a Must-Try at UNA!

Scallops la plancha, veal cheek & Iberico crips - UNA at One Rochester
Scallops la plancha, veal cheek & Iberico crips @ S$24
 Seared fresh scallops, tender veal cheeks & crisped jamon

Our next starter was like a Surf and Turf. Seared succulent scallops sat atop a fork-tender and robustly-flavoured veal cheek stew. The buttery potato purée and crisp, savoury jamon were addictive. I found myself thinking that maybe I should make a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes topped with crisped jamon chips for a party. I enjoyed the veal cheek and the scallops but I felt that the full-bodied stew overwhelmed the subtle sweetness of the scallops. This dish is nonetheless worth a try. For maximum enjoyment, eat the scallops first before starting on the veal cheeks and add some jamon to seared scallops for lovely contrast of flavours and texture.

Seafood Fideua at UNA Rochester
Seafood Fideua @ $55 (2-3 pax) / $75 (4-6 pax)
Barcelona-style paella with fideua pasta and seafood

The Seafood Fideua was topped with a generous portion of perfectly-cooked seafood. If you didn't have enough grilled octopus as a starter, you'll be pleased to know that the tentacle that was served with the fideua is no less tender and smoky in flavour. The strands of pasta were chockful of flavour as they had been cooked in a rich saffron-infused seafood broth. This dish was reminiscent of Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles albeit with a wider range of seafood and al dente vermicelli-like pasta. Great for seafood lovers.

Squid Ink Paella at UNA
Black rice paella @ $55 (2-3 pax) / $75 (4-6 pax)
Beautifully stewed in savoury squid ink broth & topped with crispy baby squid


I'd been craving Squid Ink Paella and was glad to get my fix. Stewed in a squid ink broth, this dish has a texture that's akin to Risotto. Every grain of rice was infused with the umami-rich flavour of squid ink. Topped with deep-fried battered baby squid, I wished the cripy baby squid was a little less oily so I could enjoy this dish more fully. This dish is still one of my favourite items from Chef Jean-Philippe's repertoire and is a Must-Try!

Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream, Olive Oil & Sea Salt - UNA at One Rochester
Bitter chocolate ice cream, olive oil & sea salt @ $12
Smooth bitter chocolate ice cream on rosemary sea salt soil & drizzled with olive oil


For dessert, we had a bitter chocolate ice cream with rosemary-flavoured sea salt soil and olive oil. The savoury components in this dessert were a nice change from strictly sweet desserts. Chef Jean-Philippe proudly shared with us that the "soil" was essentially a crumbled biscuit that was made with almond, hazelnut, cocoa powder, rosemary, butter and flour. Ever a fan of dark chocolate, I think this dessert is a Must-Try!

Churros & Chocolat - UNA at One Rochester
Churros & chocolat @ $12
Crispy churros with dark chocolate sauce & light honey ice cream

I love Churros and couldn't resist a stick or two that evening. Boasting a beautiful golden brown crust, the crisp exterior enveloped a fluffy core. The Churros seemed to melt in the mouth when bitten into. Served with a pot of decadent dark chocolate sauce and a scoop of homemade honey ice cream, this dessert is also a Must-Try!

Malacapa Rioja - UNA at One Rochester
Malacapa Rioja 2012 @ $14 per glass / $70 per bottle

We ended the evening with a glass of Rioja wine. This wine was approachable and medium-bodied with a fairly reasonable price tag attached to it. I liked the fruity flavours with a touch of spice.

UNA at One Rochester 1 Rochester Park Singapore 139212 Phone: +65 6773 0070
Email: info@onerochester.com
Website: una.sg
Dining Operating Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 6 pm to 11 pm Sunday Brunch: 11 am to 4 pm
Closed on Sunday evenings & Mondays
Tapas Bar Operating Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 6 pm to 1 am Closed on Mondays
PS: Thank you, UNA at One Rochester, for the hospitality.