Delectable Brunch Tartines at The Disgruntled Chef


Not a morning person, I love indulging in brunch on weekends so I was thrilled when I was invited to sample The Disgruntled Chef's revamped weekend brunch menu.

Florentine Brunch Tartine at The Disgruntled Chef. Singapore
Florentine Tartine @ S$25
Spinach, Portobello Mushrooms, Oeuf Molleux, Hollandaise, Truffle Oil

Inspired by classical French culinary techniques, Founder & Executive Chef Daniel Sia worked with newly-appointed Head Chef Jac Lim to create a selection of Brunch Tartines, open-faced sandwiches topped with decadent ingredients. The Florentine Tartine is a lovely spin on Eggs Florentine albeit on a crusty slice of toasted baguette with Portobello Mushrooms and Truffle Oil for a touch of luxe. Instead of poached eggs, the Florentine Tartine is topped with an Oeuf Molleux - essentially lava eggs. This is the eggy equivalent to Molten Chocolate Cake (Moelleux au Chocolat)! The warm toast and toppings had been drizzled with truffle oil and gave off a heady aroma that was further enhanced by the earthy flavour of the chopped Portobello Mushrooms. This is a Must-Try!

Norvegienne Tartine: Beet-cured Salmon, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise at The Disgruntled Chef
Norvegienne (top) @ S$25
Beet-cured Salmon, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise

If you love Eggs Benedict, you're in luck because there are 2 other variations that you might like to try. Our host had picked the popular 'Norvegienne'. Adorned with florettes of coral pink beet-cured salmon punctuated by mounds of poached eggs, this interpretation of Eggs Benedict Royale is eye-catching and worth a try if you are not averse to beets.

Victorien Sardou Tartine at The Disgruntled Chef
Victorien Sardou @ S$25
Lobster Chunks, Fresh Herbs, Gruyere Cheese

Named after French playwright, Victorien Sardou, this tartine was topped with Lobster Thermidor - a dish that was created in 1894 to honour the opening of his play 'Thermidor' in Paris. Flavourful with succulent chunks of lobster and savoury Gruyere, this dish has to be eaten quickly for optimal enjoyment. This is also a Must-Try!

Hortense Laborie Tartine at The Disgrunted Chef
Hortense Laborie Tartine @ S$25
Duck Confit, Foie Gras, Truffled Egg Cocotte

This dish was named after a character in a 2013 movie, Haute Cuisine, that was loosely based on the story of the personal chef to late French president François Mitterrand. The real life chef's name is Danièle Delpeuch who was apparently recommended to Mitterrand by Chef Joël Robuchon. A self-trained cook, she was known for making foie gras and giving cooking lessons in the Perigord region before she was whisked away to prepare hearty countryside cuisine for the president. This tartine showcases the produce that Perigord is renowned for, Foie Gras, Truffles and Duck Confit. Spread over the toasted slice of baguette was a rich layer of duck rillette that had been made from finely shredded duck confit. Topped with discs of Foie Gras, each mouthful seemed to melt on the warm tongue and coat the palate with a rich and creamy flavour that left me craving for more. On the side, was a bowl of truffled egg cocotte. Although the egg cocotte was rather tasty, I thought it was a little too watery and was not as tasty as the egg cocotte dish on the old menu which included cèpes mushrooms (aka Porcini). The duck tartine is also a Must-Try!

Macaroni & Cheese @ The Disgruntled Chef
Macaroni & Cheese @ S$29
Crayfish, Black Truffles, Cheddar Cheese Sauce

I first tried Chef Daniel's Macaroni & Cheese when he was heading the kitchen at The White Rabbit. He still makes my favourite Macaroni & Cheese in Singapore. Enveloped within the savoury cheddar sauce were al dente pieces of elbow macaroni and succulent chunks of crayfish that had been given a heady truffle lift. I also liked the browned bits of cheese that formed a light crust on top of the dish. This is a Must Try!

Crackling Suckling Pig (tasting portion) at The Disgruntled Chef
Crackling Suckling Pig @ S$68
Sauerkraut Puree, Pickled Mustard Seeds (image above is of a sampling portion)

We then had a samping portion of one of my all-time favourite dishes at The Disgruntled Chef, the Crackling Suckling Pig. The perfectly browned and crisp roasted pig skin was a lovely contrast to the fork-tender and juicy strip of meat that lay beneath it. In the new menu, the Crackling Suckling Pig is now complemented with a tangy Sauerkraut Puree that helps to cut the slightly fatty flavour of the meat. Definitely a Must-Try!

Crispy Lamb Shortribs - The Disgruntled Chef
Crispy Lamb Shortribs @ S$28
Couscous, Mint Yoghurt

We then sampled some Crispy Lamb Shortribs, another of my favourite dishes at The Disgruntled Chef. During this visit, the crust was not as browned as usual but the flesh of the lamb was juicy and was well-complemented with the refreshing mint yoghurt. The menu revamp has resulted in the addition of fluffy couscous to catch the tasty jus of the lamb as you cut into the ribs. Aside from less-crisp-than-usual crust that was probably due to a glitch as it's never been this way all the times I visited, this dish is a Must-Try!

Marie-Antoinette. Brunch Tartine at The Disgruntled Chef, Singapore
Marie-Antoinette @ S$20
Bostock Brioche, Almond Cream, Prunes & Armagnac Ice Cream

This dish was named after the last Queen of France before The French Revolution, Marie-Antoinette, who supposedly said "Let them eat cake" when told that the peasants didn't have bread to eat. Though I'm not into sweet stuff, I dusted off as much powdered sugar as I could and enjoyed it for the the buttery brioche and crunchy almond slices. I loved the Prune and Armagnac Ice Cream that was served with the Brioche. This is worth a try for those with a sweet tooth.

G&T at The Disgruntled Chef
G&T @ S$18
Hendrick's Gin, Rosella Buds, French Rose Water, Tonic, Lime Foam

This drink has replaced Mr Murasaki as my favourite cocktail at The Disgruntled Chef. An invigorating mix of Hendrick's Gin and tonic water with delicate floral hints from French Rose Water and Rosella Buds that's topped with zesty lime foam. This drink is a perfect thirst-quencher on a warm day and a cool way to unwind the stresses of the work day. A Must-Try!

Peas & Ham Cocktail at The Disgruntled Chef
Peas & Ham Cocktail @ S$18
Sugar Snap Peas - Infused Shochu, French Rose Water, Candied Bacon

The Peas & Ham cocktail is rather popular so I gave it a try. Although there was French Rose Water in this cocktail, I could barely discern the floral notes. I loved the candied bacon but if I had to choose just one cocktail, I'd pick the G&T.

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PS: Thank you, Jill and The Disgruntled Chef, for the hospitality.