Prosecco Brunch at LaBrezza, St. Regis Singapore


LaBrezza, a poolside Italian restaurant at St. Regis Singapore launched a trattoria-style weekend brunch last month. Designed for diners who enjoy indulgent brunches, a large part of the selection at LaBrezza is available a la carte and prepped to order. I was invited to a tasting to sample the dishes offered during brunch.

Salami, 12 months & 24 months Prosciutto di Parma
Cold Cuts: Salami, 12-month & 24-month Prosciutto di Parma

LaBrezza's buffet line features Italian cold cuts such as Salami and two types of Prosciutto di Parma (aged for 12 and 24 months).

A cool & savoury start to brunch.

I love cured meat, especially aged ones. My favourite was the Prosciutto di Parma that had been aged for 24 months (top right, next to the melon) for its rich flavour.

Olives, Grilled Vegetables, Anchovies, Mozzarella Cheese, Arugula etc.

In addition to a selection of bread and dips, guests can also choose from a range of cured seafood, salads and cheese. I put together a plate of grilled Zucchini, aubergine and mushrooms; cured anchovies with capers, Sardinian green tomato, Bocconcini di Mozzarella, Arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette and pine nuts, pearl barley salad, artichoke heart and cured olives.

Uovo Tartufate e Fontina - 45 minute poached egg with fontina & truffle sauce. #yum #brunch
Uovo Tartufate e Fontina
45-minute poached egg with Fontina & truffle sauce

I loved the Uovo Tartufate e Fontina. C0mprising two eggs that had been poached at 65 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes, they were served in a warm bath of Fontina cheese-based sauce and drizzled with truffle oil. The savoury creaminess of the sauce complemented the richness of the yolk and earthy flavour of truffles perfectly. This is a Must-Try if you like poached eggs, cheese, cream and truffles.

Tagliatelle Carbonara cooked à la minute.
Tagliatelle Carbonara
Egg, pancetta & basil

One of my favourite pasta sauces is Carbonara, especially when tossed with fresh pasta. The pasta served at LaBrezza is freshly made and has a lovely springy texture. The sauce was rich and though it wasn't the best I've ever tasted, it was nonetheless pretty good.

Linguine Vongole cooked a la minute. #love #yum
Linguine Vongole

Pardon this really bad picture of the Linguine Vongole. This was my favourite pasta amongst the four served during Prosecco Brunch at LaBrezza. The thin strands of fresh Linguine had absorbed some of the sauce and was chockful of flavour. This is a Must-Try!

Penne Aglio Olio
Penne Aglio Olio

The Penne Aglio Olio was decent but not exactly something I would come running back for.

Tagliatelle Pomodoro Fresco
Tagliatelle Pomodoro Fresco

The Tagliatelle Pomodoro Fresco was my least favourite pasta. I generally prefer pasta sauces that are not tomato-based. The Tagliatelle was also a little overdone. In addition to pastas, LaBrezza serves a selection of pizzas, prepped to order.

Daily Risotto Special: Risotto with Cotechino & Scamorza
Risotto Special (changes regularly)
Risotto with Cotechino & Scamorza Cheese

Next, we were served Risotto with Cotechino & Scamorza Cheese. Cotechino is a traditional cooked Italian spiced pork sausage. Cut into little pinkish bits that peeked out from the creamy risotto, the fatty sausage reminded me of Luncheon Meat. The Scamorza Cheese had an interestingly chewy texture and smokiness which complemented the rich flavours of the dish. This is a Must-Try!

Spigola con broccoli e crema di patate
Spigola con broccoli e crema di patate
Seabass with broccoli, cream of potato

Then came the grilled items. Our favourite was the grilled seabass as the skin of the moist fish was grilled to a lovely crisp. This is a Must-Try!

Gamberoni alla griglia - Grilled garlic prawn & lemon chili flakes
Gamberoni alla Griglia
Grilled garlic prawn & lemon chili flakes

The grilled prawns and spring chicken (not pictured) were a little too dry.

Controfiletto ai ferri - US Striploin
Controfiletto ai ferri - US Striploin

The grilled US Striploin was pretty good but the vegetables that came with it were way too charred.

Scottadito - Grilled Australian Lamb Chop, Lemon-mint marinade, roasted potatoes
Grilled Australian Lamb Chop, lemon-mint marinade & roasted potatoes

The excessively charred but otherwise tasty lamb chops would have been so much better if they weren't so blackened. Our hosts assured us that the person manning the grill will be reminded to be more careful in future.

Strata Umbria at La Brezza
Strata Umbria
Savoury bread pudding with spinach & mushroom

Do you like Bread & Butter Pudding? I love it so even though I was feeling pretty full, I had to try the savoury bread pudding. It reminded me of Quiche and is definitely worth a try if you love Porcini Mushrooms and Spinach.

Zabaglione at La Brezza
Marsala sabayon with fresh fruit

I was so glad that we shared the food because I could barely find room for dessert. The Zabaglione was just a little too sweet for my liking but I loved the juicy raspberries and blackberries that lay under it.

Tiramisu at La Brezza
Whipped mascarpone cheese, espresso & lady finger biscuits

LaBrezza serves Tiramisu done the traditional way, without gelatine to hold it together like a cake. Topped with a lovely dollop of whipped cream, this was my favourite dessert.

Frutta & Gelato
Frutta & Gelato
Pistachio, lemon, chocolate & vanilla

I believe in trying most things at least once, especially when it comes to food. I had to sample some of the ice cream. I loved the pistachio and chocolate flavoured ice cream while the lemon sorbet served as an excellent palate cleanser without being too tart or sweet.

Alluring Cannoli. “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”
Cannoli alla Siciliana
Pistachio cannoli, candied lemon

I could barely taste the pistachio in the Cannoli but the cool, creamy filling contrasted well with the crispness of the cannoli tube.

I love cheese

I love cheese so I made room to sample some Provolone, Scamorza, Pecorino and Gorgonzola cheese and enjoy the sweetness of a juicy vine-ripened Pachino cherry tomato.

Post-lunch Latte

I'm usually sceptical about coffee served in a hotel but I have to say, the coffee served at LaBrezza is definitely way better than the ones sold at large coffee chains. Michele, the manager, proudly told us that as an Italian restaurant, they had to serve coffee brewed the proper way with an Italian espresso machine. I love their commitment to quality. In spite of the lack of foam art on a silky layer of microfoam, the coffee here's decent and a great pick-me-up after a heavy meal.

Buongiorno! Some Prosecco to start your Sunday Brunch? #Bubbly #brunch

LaBrezza's Italian Weekend Prosecco Brunch is available either with free flow of Prosecco D.O.C Ca'del Sette at S$98++ per person or at S$68++ per person without alcohol.

Poolside dining, anyone?

The St. Regis Singapore, 
Level 2, 29 Tanglin Road,
Singapore 247911.
Phone: +65 6506-6884
LaBrezza's Prosecco Brunch is available every weekend from noon till 3pm 
S$98++ per person with free flow of Prosecco D.O.C. Ca'del Sette
S$68++ per person without alcohol
S$49++ per child (aged 4 - 12)
PS: Thank you, St. Regis Singapore, for the hospitality.