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Sheesh! I've been tagged for a meme! The first time this happened to me (on a networking site by a friend), I had to think really hard about what to write. This time, I am merely editing what I posted previously. :P

Kian of Red Cook (literal translation of 紅燒) tagged me. Kian is a fellow ethnic Chinese foodie (raised in Singapore & residing in New York) whom I added as a friend on FoodBuzz, a foodie site that I refer to as a Facebook for Foodies!

Coffee is my life :)

Here's my list of 6 random facts about myself (in no particular order):

1. I love dairy products & am not a huge fan of seafood. I've often been told that its not a very Chinese trait as many people of Chinese descent are lactose intolerant [if u wanna know more: Lactose Intolerance @ Wikipedia] & love seafood.

2. I'm a Carb Freak! Like Kian, I love any kind of noodles/pasta. I also love all kinds of potato dishes as well but I hate potato chip snacks .

3. I hate reading instruction manuals! I believe that all electronic equipment manufacturers should make their products totally intuitive if its to garner a faithful following. I'll take my new toy out of the box & toss the box away with the manual. This results in visits to the shops in the initial weeks (complete with sheepish grin on my face) to ask the sweet guy to undo my fumblings for my phone/camera...or asking the guy how I can operate my DVD player beyond "Play", "Forward", "Stop" & "Eject".

4. I love to watch cartoons and generally like watching comedies. Some of my friends think that I'm a one-person comic act because I tend to have quite a few "blonde moments" which cracks them up.

5. I've had 2 golf instructors, own a golf set & golf accessories but still can't play golf!

I'm convinced that golf is a game that's prejudiced against women as we have "speed bumps" that impede our ability to swing through. My guy friends tell me that it's a lousy excuse for having zero ball-sense...ok, so I'm totally inept when it comes to ball games. I'm just not gifted that way.

I think that I provide amusement for the other people at the driving range. During the rare moments when I try to discreetly practise on the 2nd level & am totally unable to launch the ball, it rolls in a less discreet fashion to the roofing. I tend to have an embarrassing collection of balls on the roofing just in front of my bay. I can't hit them over the ledge because the roofing can't bear any normal person's weight.

I guess this is why I've been told that GOLF stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.

6. I'm a caffeine fiend! I love coffee and tea. I must have my caffeine fix daily else I become a grouchy cat.

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