Yew Char Kway - Food Republic @ Vivocity


Like Umami, I found myself at Vivocity more often than I'd care to admit. All the times that I was there, it was only a very short visit which was focused on visiting a food outlet or other. Each time that I'm at Vivocity, I always make it a point to have Yew Char Kway at Food Republic. Its hard to miss this stall as its located at the main entrance and there is usually a line of people at the front of the stall. If my memory serves me well, the name of the stall is Yong Shun.

The stall also sells other stuff like Ham Cheem Peng, Butterfly, Soya Bean Milk and Soya Bean Curd. I've tried the Ham Cheem Peng. While I think its reasonably tasty and its not something worth going out of the way for. The Yew Char Kway is another matter altogether. As its fairly popular, one often gets a steaming hot fresh batch else, its usually a 10 minute wait for the new batch. I love the Yew Char Kway here mainly because it is freshly fried and the oil temperature is just right to ensure that the end product is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I've had Yew Char Kway which were either overly-fried such that they were hard or soggy because the oil was not hot enough. Another important factor is that the oil is not overly-utilised such that it imparts a rancid flavour to the Yew Char Kway. I ordered it with some Soya Bean Curd, which I think is fairly good though my personal favourite Bean Curd store is Rochor Beancurd.